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Zyque Basa is a classical/pop music singer-songwriter from Capiz, Philippines. At an age when most teenagers are only beginning to find their identity and lay plans for the future, there has never been much doubt in Zyque's mind about her calling. Inspired by a dazzling diva Beyonce Knowles, a professional opera singer, Zyque took up singing early in life.
At the age of ten she began to perform around her hometown, singing at karaoke contests, festivals, and fairs. When she was eleven she sang a winning piece "Ano Kaya Ang Kapalaran" (Vocal Solo Classical). By the time she was 11 1/2, she had picked up the vocal solo pop and began practicing four hours each day, until her voice started to blend with the melody. To pursue her career in country music, Zyque joined different pop contests. A showcase at World of Fun was her first ever vocal solo pop contest to be involved. She caught the attention of the judges, who had made a wise decision to choose her a winning contestant of Capiz.
In this present year, she had her first unsigned hit at the young age of 12, called "Halo Remix Baby", Halo cover by beyonce with instrumental Baby of Justin Bieber. Since then, she has risen to write different songs.
Recently Zyque Basa was nominated in a manageyoutube site, which also made a wise decision to declare her as the monthly winner-viewers choice.


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