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Eugene Rivera also known in the music industry as "Yuyo MC" was born in the city of Brooklyn, New York and raised in Chicago, Illinois in 1989 He opened His Recording Label SGR Records USA "Synthetek Groove Records. During his musical career in Chicago the major city where he began his career as a DJ, music producer and artist. Latin Hip Hop was barely starting out on the streets of Chicago, all you heard in those days on the streets was House Music, Freestyle Music and Club Music. In 2003 Yuyo MC moved to California and continued his mission in Bringing something new to the table . Yuyo MC is known not only for His Music productions but also for his songs and albums from artists and record labels Recorded in both Genre Reggaeton and Hip Hop. In 2006 Yuyo MC launched a CD Album wich the movement was Called Megaton 2006 vol.1 Urban America and the island of Puerto Rico had a lot to do with this project. By January 2007 the song Por Las Calle Van Was filmed inspired by Megaton 2006 vol.1 feat TL MPR Entertainment, The music video was directed by Crystal Burdette of Xyrus Entertainment The video was filmed in the City of Modesto, California between the Park and downtown Modesto. In 2008 and 2009 "Por la Calle Van" was nominated 2 times for the Mama awards by Chriss Ricci  in Modesto California where Yuyo MC left a Mark for His fans and listeners.
Yuyo MC has collaborated and worked with artists including the productions & Features of not only SGR Records USA but as well as other international recording labels & Artists For example, Latin Fresh, "Berto La Voz" Johnny O "Je'Cor" Gordo "El Mas Atrevido" , Temperamento (Block Royal), LDA Chosen Few Emerald Entertainment, San Quinn , Big Rich, Chunk , Among Others. in 2009 He began working with "Berto La Voz", which includes production of "AD" and mastering by Echo From Echo's Lab Puerto Rico. Yuyo MC songs produced for the project of Berto La Voz are "Esa Nena pide Traa" ,Bilarina Exotika, and Ese Soy Yo, among other songs! which are released under Multiflow Records, High Voltage Entertainment Managed by Oscar Figueroa who also manages International Recording Artist Tempo. Yuyo MC also officially worked with legendary singer Johnny O wich He is also Known as Je'Cor in the song "Silent Lucidity" Boom Boom Mix, produced by Yuyo MC & Originated by Dan Scott “Scream” of SGR Records USA of Chicago, which produced the original version Released under Tazmania Records for Je'Cor ‘s Single & 2010 Yuyo MC & Johnny O Started working on the new song “Buscando La Razon” wich has 4 different versions written and Produced by Yuyo MC plus music production by Dan Scream, Iris Dee Jay,the City light mix by Dan Scream is Released on the album Titled Destino De Honor by Yuyo MC and the Single released under SGR Records USA under the distribution of Island / DefJam Digital Distribution wich includes Iris Dee Jay (London Mix) , DJ Jes (Funk A Tronic Rmx), Dan Scream (City Lights Mix) last but not least Yuyo MC (Merengueton Version) on CD’s And Vinyl’s.

EP album release "Buscando La Razon" EP by Yuyo MC ft Johnny O

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