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Kill Pretty AKA KP is not just your everyday MC or aggressive songwriter from New York; he packs a punch of power with an explosive content that requires no need for explicit lyrics in his music. His strong hooks, impressive vocabulary, attractive swag and business sav expresses an influential talent that measures up to any known artist.This NYC native from the South Bronx and Washington Heights started writing rhymes at the age of 10 - KP’s style has strongly developed. KP doesn’t only discuss “The Movement” of where he’s going but the actual ending of where he needs to be. “The Movement” of which is described as an individual who struggles to build muscle to overcome great obstacles. KP doesn’t glorify guns, drugs or address women in a derogatory way. KP’s music can be listened to by all • from Lil Ray Ray to Nana this MC appeals to all.Kill Pretty is not only an MC • he also has expertise in songwriting, audio engineering and is the CEO of Startup Money a joint venture with Xtasy Entertainment. KP also has a wide range of producers on his team. KP has appeared on 106

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      Coming up from the Washington Heights area of New York’s South Bronx is the multifaceted rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur Kill Pretty. Sporting a flow as hard as the city streets and a head turning style, the songs utilize a mix of old and new school influences which keep the feel refreshing and exciting. With a powerful voice and a raw flow, Kill Pretty has developed a no frills, no nonsense style of hip hop, skipping the soft choruses and sappy love songs while sticking with an in-your-face attitude. If you’re looking for singing, dancing, rap-pop hybrids, you’ve come to the wrong place. Especially fiery tracks include “You Not the Boss of Me” and “My Dreamz.”Publication: Independent Review MagazineDate:

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