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Dubble A, born Brennan Jamaal Francois on March 31, 1989, is a universal rap artist and songwriter. He has a very unique sound and can reach a wide-range of listeners because his music is not limited to one genre. His songs go all the way from a more urban sound to pop. From dominating the local airwaves and charts to making his song "Jazzy" # 9 in the country, Dubble A is making quite a name for himself. Dubble A was born in Dayton, Ohio but raised in Augusta, GA. Even though his parents divorced by the time he was the age of four, they always came together to do what was best for him and his younger brother. They surrounded him with music and kept him in the church. With his father being a minister and his mother singing in the choir, music and public speaking had a great influence on Dubble A. He began to write lyrics around the age of nine. At first they were just poems but then later turned into songs. Dubble A began to develop a great passion for just writing songs. Knowing he was not an individual very blessed to sing, he turned over to rap his lyrics instead of just writing them. Once he started performing his raps, people were blown away. He would leave voice mails on his phone of him rapping and people would call his phone just to hear them. He also would freestyle where ever the occasion called. Later down the road, Dubble A started a gospel rap group called the "Canaan Heights Boyz" based from the church he was attending. They did a number of shows but Dubble A was the one doing most of the work. So he decided to go solo and take his music beyond gospel subjects. Dubble A started creating mixtapes and selling them at his high school at A.R. Johnson Health Science and Engineering Magnet High School. He became the most known rapper at this school and still is today. After graduating from high school, Dubble A was accepted to Georgia Southern University. Here he found that the music business was a career he would dedicate his life to. He met several producers and other recording artists who influenced him to be where he is today. Artists, like Lewis Price and producers such as Big Nick of Beat Attikz and HitSynth are just a few to name. After Dubble A developed a pretty nice buzz at this college, he decided it was time to go back to his hometown to do everything he could with his music there and this was exactly what he did. After just a short year of being home, Dubble A was played on every radio station in Augusta, GA and surrounding areas. He won several awards and opened up for many major artists. He even was aired on a cable television through a commercial sponsored by Flaco's Productions and United Loans and Fire Arms. Dubble A remained humble through out all of this success and continued to pass his CDs out in the streets for free. Using the internet as his primary source of promotion, Dubble A gained many fans and supporters. DJs in and outside America began to play his records. During all of this time he was also attending Georgia Military College in Augusta, GA where he received his Associates of Science Degree in General Studies. Now Dubble A travels to where ever he is booked. He has many popular songs that people love to hear and see him perform such as "Jazzy", "She Wanna", "What She Don't Know" and many more. Still unsigned and not even looking to be , Dubble A works hard independently to accomplish his dreams with out having to answer to a music label. He has stated " I want to do all that I can with out a major label, before I sign to one." By keeping God first, staying focused and always being consistent Dubble A fully believes he will achieve his goals.

Music, People, God, Food, and movies.

To influence the world in a positive way through music.

My Single Jazzy has been charted #9 in the country, commercialized on TV thru BET, MTV, VH1, TV One and all the girls loving it. Check it out now!

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    Phone: 706-414-99-33
    2006 Nottingham DrAugusta, Georgia 30906 United States
    • Charted with the #9 song in the country by Media Base

    • Priority Record on Foxie 103 Jamz in Augusta, GA for 3 Weeks

    • Power Fest Talent Takeover Winner

    • Best New Artist in the Central Savannah River Area

    • Best Indie Label in the Central Savannah River Area

    • Jazzy Charted #9 in the Country!

      Dubble A's single was charted #9 in the country in the Top 10 Taking Off according to Media Base reports.Publication: Media BaseDate:
    • Dubble A Aired on BET, MTV, VH1 and TV One

      Dubble A is currently being aired on BET, MTV, VH1 and TV One thru a commercial for his song "Jazzy" featuring Flaco, which is sponsored by United Loans and Flaco's Productions! This commercial is being aired through cable television through out Augusta, GA and surrounding areas.Publication: Cable TelevisionDate:
    • Dubble A works with Def Jam Recording Artist Lil Ru & More !

      Dubble A, Lil Ru and several other artists put out a hot club record together entitled "Red Cup." This song was produced by DJ SOS and also features P-Flaco, P-Nyce and Smoke GraydeePublication: Youtube.comDate:
    • Dubble A opens up for Roscoe Dash, Travis Porter, Omarion, K. Michelle & more at Power Fest

      Dubble A won a contest known as talent takeover by getting the most online votes to perform at Power Fest 2010. He opened up for several mainstream artists and rocked the crowd!Publication: Power 107.7 in Augusta, GADate:
    • Jazzy set as a priority record on Foxie 103 Jamz in Augusta, GA

      Dubble A's single "Jazzy" was set as a priority record on Foxie 103 for three weeks back to back. This song was played at least twice and some times three times a day for three weeks straight!Publication: Foxie 103 JamzDate:
    • Jazzy played on Hot 107.9 in Atlanta, GA

      Dubble A's single "Jazzy" was aired on Hot 107.9 in Atlanta, GA.Publication: Hot 107.9 - Atlanta, GADate:
    • Interviewed and Hosted a show on Power 107.7

      Dubble A was interviewed and hosted a radio show with Kydd Joe on Power 107.7 in Augusta, GA. This show was called Independent Sunday on Crown Holder Radio. Dubble A also made three different introduction songs for this DJ's night show on the station. These are still played today!Publication: Power 107 - Kydd JoeDate:
    • Jazzy played on Hot 107.9 in Virgina

      Dubble A' single Jazzy has been getting played consistently on Hot 107.9 in Virgina by DJ Infamous. Follow him on twitter @DJInfamous804.Publication: DJ Infamous Hot 107.9Date:
    • Dubble A featured in Germany

      Dubble A has been featured on a number of mixtapes in Germany by DJs such at DJ Emires, DJ Emilliot and more.Publication: DJ mixtapesDate:
    • Dubble A featured in the Augusta Chronicle

      Dubble A was featured in the Augusta Chronicle. The biggest newspaper company in his hometown interviewed him, shot pictures, and wrote an article on him.Publication: The Augusta ChronicleDate:
    • Featured on

      Dubble A was featured on the well known site worldstarhiphop.comPublication: WorldStarHipHop.comDate:
    • Dubble A featured in USC Aiken's newspaper - The Pacer Times

      Dubble A had an article written on how he puts Both A's in Augusta by Israel Butler in The Pacer Times, the newspaper for the University of South Carolina : Aiken.Publication: Israel Butler. USC Aiken's The Pacer TimesDate:

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