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Born Michael Spencer, on November 26th 1988, rap/hip hop artist "PaperWork" has been musically inclined since birth. PaperWork was born on the west side of Chicago Illinois, and his city and neighborhood heavily inspires his music as well as personality. As a baby and a young child, PaperWork was always around music heavy thanks to his uncle. At the age of 3 PaperWork started memorizing full rap songs, and at age 10 he began to write his own music. PaperWork began to do talent shows rapping at the age of 11, but he slowed down with his music to focus more on school, and picked back up on it when he turned 17. PaperWork does hip hop/rap/experimental music. PaperWork is a very passionate, creative, versatile, and hardworking artist. PaperWork plans on taking his music career very far, and plans to go down in history as one of the greatest musicians to ever pick up a pen and a microphone.
PaperWork is a very hardworking and business minded artist. He is all about handling business and getting things done the right way. PaperWork has been in over 100 showcases in over 30 different venues in the Chicago land area since 2008. PaperWork has also performed in some Illinois suburb areas and once in Indiana and Georgia. PaperWork has participated in many networking events and has been up to radio stations like 92.3, 96.3 and 107.5 WGCI over 7 times for their music Monday. PaperWork plans to take his buzz and fan base to a whole new level. PaperWork plans to build an incredible brand of himself, and broadcast his music over a more wide spread area. PaperWork plans on one day owning his own record label, clothing line, and personal business. PaperWork is planning and taking steps toward making his dreams come true each and every day. PaperWork is currently hard at work making new hot music everyday, promoting himself and his group, and entering every showcase that he hears about.

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    Phone: 773-648-5912
    10 S MayfieldApt 3Chicago, Illinois 60644 United States

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