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<img class="spotlight" alt="" aria-describedby="fbPhotoTheaterCaption" aria-busy="false" src=""> <br /> <br /><br /> We Live Forever are one of Brisbane's newest and most promising bands. Breaking onto the scene at their debut show on New Year’s Eve, they had the honour of counting in the 2011 New Year mid-song. <br /><IMG BORDER="3" ALIGN="left" src=""> <br /> Fronted by Grant Denman on Vocals, Scott Kinghorn and Jack Greenhill on Guitars, and accompanied by Bassist Kirk Ericksen with Chris Fitch on Drums and Percussion; We Live Forever are an alternative five piece with a unique, dynamic and powerful sound, shaped by a vast array of musical imfluences and backgrounds. <br /> <br /> The band’s first release “As Colours March For War”, was launched on July 24th 2011 to critical acclaim, also receiving positive feedback from both new and old listeners alike, whilst appealing to a wide variety of musical tastes. We Live Forever sets out to further impress with a live show; with the collective energy of the band and sound, creating an atmosphere felt by all. <br /> <br /> For all members, music is a sincere expression of emotion, a way of sharing a feeling beyond words. With haunting melodies and powerful lyrics, you are invited to share the journey with We Live Forever. <br /> <br /> This is just the beginning.

  • We Live Forever

    Brisbane, Queensland Australia
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  • Time Off Magazine FEATURE February 2011

    RISING LOCAL QUINTET WE LIVE FOREVER ARE STEADILY MAKING THEIR PRESENCE KNOWN AROUND THE CITY, AND THEY’VE GOT PLENTY GOING ON TO HELP THE CAUSE: A BRAND NEW SINGLE, A FESTIVAL APPEARANCE AND THEIR UPCOMING DEBUT EP. VOCALIST GRANT DENMAN CHATS TO MITCH KNOX.If you look at any truly great band, the odds are that the members are equally in-sync personally as they are musically; that they are friends above being co-workers. If that’s true, then good things hopefully lie in store for local up-and-comers We Live Forever, who are nothing short of downright familial, Denman says. “We have been friends for years and our goals in music became more and more alike as individuals,” he explains. “The next logical step was to form We Live Forever and I can honestly say we have become a family; it just seemed right from the get go, so I guess we're lucky like that – we get to do what we love with our best mates. It’s fucking amazing when you think about it!”Keeping busy of late with “a whole lot of everything”, from writing to recording and playing for “some amazing crowds”, Denman seems excited about the prospect of how people will receive just-released free downloadable single As Colours March For War (check their Facebook). “The coolest thing has been the recording of our single,” he beams. “It will floor you when you hear it.”With an appearance scheduled on the all-local line-up of this year’s In Surge Festival as well as several other gigs on the cards, it seems there will be plenty of opportunity for you to be floored, and Denman promises at least that at a live show. “We love playing live and pride ourselves on our live show,” he says. “We always hope to leave the audience asking for more. The energy the crowd produces is the main reason we enjoy playing so much so a big thanks to anyone that comes down to support us!”Publication: Time Off Magazine Date:

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