Warsha E.


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I have had a keen longstanding passion for music and although I have lacked making my own, it would be a dream to collaborate with composers and bands and sing some original songs!nI enjoy singing and listening to acoustic/alt/pop/rock/jazz genres.nI've trained in and performed Indian carnatic classical music my whole life..but I've also tried out all styles of music within the four walls of my room..with some amateur performances in western music.nThis is the side of me that I'm eager to showcase now..nI regularly put up covers on my youtube channel as well, more as a hobby than anything else:n

MUSIC, reading, tv/movie addict, sketching, analyzing art/photography, animal person, everything person :D All-time obsession: Covering songs.n

Accomplish something concrete with music, maybe become professional, maybe just have the opportunity to spread the joy of music and its history by collaborating with other musicians. I love getting into the nitty gritty backgrounds of the songs I cover, it helps me portray my interpretation as well as the composer's interpretation of their work.


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