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VIP the Messiah was born in Oak Cliff, Texas. VIP's journey in music started in his first year of college at Texas State University. There in the dorms, he met up with his roommate, a rapper who was passionate about music. His roommate, who goes by the stage name, Nemonics, helped to inspire VIP to start practicing songwriting. His new found love for rapping, and a sense that being a rapper was an all more achievable goal were what made him pursue music as a hobby while in school.

In a twist of fate, life would take a turn for the worst just one year before VIP graduated. He got into trouble with the law after a night of partying which led to him being on probation. Despite his legal troubles and subsequent depression and uncertainty of the future, he overcame odds and graduated from college.

It was his uncertainty of his future and detached feelings of self worth that catapulted VIP to reignite his true talent and first love: music.



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