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Velvet Kente is a four-piece genre-dodging outfit based in Little Rock, AR formed in 2008. The group consists of joshua. (vocals, guitars, keyboards), Tim Anthony (keyboards, bass), Steven Robinson (guitars) and Jamal Lee (drums, percussion). Early in 2009 Velvet Kente entered and won the Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase. That same year designer Korto Momolu tapped joshua. to provide the soundtrack to her collection showing in Bryant Park for the season 5 finale of "Project Runway." They have since opened for and or shared the stage with Corrine Bailey Rae, Buddy Guy, Cedell Davis, Patrick Sweany, and others. The band has performed locally, regionally and nationally and has an album release scheduled for spring 2011.

::this city spits and curses/we're passing the lovers in the fog/they're holding each other so tender/reminds us of all that we've lost::

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    Phone: 501-246-2071
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    • Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase Winners

    • Its brand of hyper-literate, genre-stirring soulindiefunkrockfolk is just about everything that good music needs to be: passionate, thoughtful, melodic and funky as hell.-John Tarpley, Arkansas TimesPublication: -John Tarpley, Arkansas TimesDate:
    • Every time Velvet Kente takes the stage, something beautiful and powerful happens...Publication: -Ncole Boddington Hunnicutt, thehipsteralert.comDate:
    • It's refreshing to see someone with such a clear talent pushing an agenda geared to provoke. The local quartet infused the scene with a welcome burst of something-completely-different.Publication: -Lindsey Millar, Arkansas TimesDate:
    • Their most obvious influences include Afro-Caribbean music, indie rock, punk, blues mythos, and gospel. But otherwise there’s no transparent consistency in the sound—outside of Joshua’s heart-wrenched vocals, which lie somewhere between a coarse scream and a sweat-stained Pentecostal baritone...Publication: -Natalie Elliot, Oxford AmericanDate:

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