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Upper Canada Stretchers have been working hard for nearly 15 years providing their customers with stretchers build to satisfy their needs. Over the years they've worked with a multitude of different businesses and professionals all over North America and they continue to work with them to this day. If you look back to the very early days it wasn't always that way and the company started in a completely different direction.

They initially started out producing economy-grade stretchers for the mass market, but that left them feeling jaded and unfulfilled at the end of the day. Finally they shifted gears and decided to start crafting superior stretchers using the best materials on the planet and the fanciest designs possible. Restorers, conservators, artists, and a number of other people in North America know whom they should call up when they are in need of quality canvas stretchers for their work that would not be available anywhere else.

  • Upper Canada Stretchers Inc.

    Phone: (800) 561-4994Fax: 519-371-2140
    1855 17th Street East, Box 565Owen Sound, Ontario N4K 5P1

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