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An honorable mention in the Songdoor songwriting contest, Tyler Sanford is an unsigned Folk Rock artist located out of Bourne, Massachusetts. On Christmas of 2002, Tyler received his first guitar (an inexpensive acoustic commonly referred to as a 'student guitar'). It was not until over a year later that he began learning how to play this instrument, and on April 14, 2004, he recorded his first song titled "Even When I'm Perfect." In his early recordings, Tyler showcased a strong likeness to Neil Young, who would remain one of his primary influences as he continues to progress as a musician. Fast forward to 2009 and Tyler would gain another major influence (Mike Tramp, the lead vocalist for the retired Glam Rock band White Lion) in his writing and performing while strolling through a record store one day. In fact, it was the tattoo of Mike Tramp's artist logo that Tyler received on his arm that would inspire the track "Tramp Stamp," placed on his 2009 LP "Say Cheese." Tyler has released four full length albums (Shield of Night (2006), Where Ash Meets Coal (2007), Beyond Words (2008), and T-Bag Blues (2010)) as well as many Extended Plays. In 2010, he also released "Father Silence," a remastered collection of previous material with a brand new song (that being the title track). On Thanksgiving of 2009, Tyler was asked by Billboard Bob (a disc jockey for a community radio station known as WOMR) to join him live on the set and play a few songs. This broadcast was in turn released as a live album called "Tyler Sanford: Live on Charted Course." Though Tyler has been identified as having a unique style of playing the electric guitar, most of his performances have consisted of only himself playing the acoustic guitar and singing vocals. A staple from his original catalog is "The Show," a folk song just short of three minutes that tells the tale of a performer that no one came to see. He also (but rarely) plays cover tunes, and when he does, it is usually paying tribute to his favorite musician (Mike Tramp). As of 2011, Tyler has announced that he will be releasing the all-acoustic album, "Whiter Than Lies." He also has plans of releasing two more "Father Silence" albums in hopes of completing his first trilogy. The release dates for these albums have not yet been decided on.

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    Bourne, Massachusetts 2532 United States
    • Songdoor songwriting contest - Honorable Mention

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