Tony Marchese (Marcase)


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I'm a country songwriter from Blue Springs Missouri, just outside of Kansas City. I'm an independent writer that just recently has had a couple songs published and are being pitched in Nashville. I'm still looking for that first big cut though so I can pay off my Florida home! Lots of thanks to Rick Beresford, songwriter and Robyn Taylor-Drake, Trio Productions, both Nashville. Anyone wanting to get in the songwriting business should get with them. In a tough racket, it's money well spent!

I've had so much fun and have learned so much working with Nashville Demo Studios in Nashville Tennessee, Andy Oxman with Soundworks Studio in Blue Springs, Jim Lower my favorite guitarist, Kevin Hoff my drummer and vocalists Heather Thornton, Clint Vick, John Salva, Bryant Carter and Doug Cooper; all great singers!

By the way, any songwriters who are not a member of Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI), should be. They're inexpensive and very helpful!

I hope you like my songs!

I want a country "cut" and want my wife to hear her husband's song on the radio, so I can say, "I told ya!"

I love to golf, be with my family, drink a little scotch with a good cigar, cook, play on my baby grand, listen to my daughter Malena sing (She's also on Lafango by the way...take a listen!), and write country songs!


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