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Tom Richardson is an established Rock/Fusion guitarist from Lancashire, England.He begun playing the guitar at the age of 9 after being inspired by the likes of Van Halen, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin and hearing so many great guitar players motivated him to keep practicing and develop his technique.<br>
During high school, he took up lessons with a local Jazz/Blues guitar tutor in order to further develop his technique and theory and gained Grade 8 Distinciton in Guitar Performance. It was also around this time, at the age of 14, a video of an unaccompanied solo he performed at his school was featured in the “Best of YouTube” section in Total Guitar Magazine praising his playing.
After having played in several rock and metal bands, he found himself more and more inspired by players such as Guthrie Govan, Alex Hutchings and Tom Quayle and from then on he decided he would focus his time on learning more about Jazz and fusion as the styles intrigued him greatly and this is still the main focus of his playing today.Tom has started working on several instrumental tracks, some of which can be found on his YouTube channel, as he continues to build up his fan base.
In September 2011 he will be attending the well known Academy of Contemporary Music in Surrey to study on the Degree course for guitar - following in the footsteps of musicians including Newton Faulkner and Paul Bielatowicz.
"Tom, outstanding guitar playing for only being 18 years old. You've got a bright future ahead of you!" - Derryl Gabel
“Teen Guitar God” - Total Guitar Magazine

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      Excerpt: Is there any guitar you wish was available left handed? I wish there was a wider variety of Ibanez models available. I really like the Prestige S series, they remind me of 80s fusion, but last time I checked they weren’t available in Left Handed...Publication:
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      Excerpt: SK is proud to have Tom as a contributor and member , his guitar skills and composition ability makes this young lad a serious contender for the high tech world of guitar virtuosity which he heads full steam into. We rate his technique as masterfull and theory as inpecable and his music rocks in the best way fusion does.Publication:

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