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I was born at a very early age and I'm still here.

Love for existence, endurance, sharing truths.nAlso like art, music, poetry, design, construction and nature and animals.

Existence. But here in Cyberville the goal is to keep alive as many songs as possible (songs which were very kewl for their day) and should be kept because it helped get us to today. These songs endure by people 'covering' them even tho' it's not about copying the exact version, but artistically doing it another way. It would be nice is someone bought 1 of my songs from iTunes or Cd Baby or

Ever wanted to be a time traveler? Sit still and notice how everything is going by. The clock is ticking, day and night will change, the seasons come & go and even the geology around would change if you sat long enough. Yep, we're travelling, because "light" is the only constant. It's speed remains the same while everything else changes and varies it's velocity. So when you think about it, Light is the solid and we are the fluid, changing and travelling in, around and through different and exciting realms. We're just so distracted by everything we can't see it. Too bad, what is causing us to miss out is not good. So try hard to see the good!" You, travelling through these times.

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    From: United States Genre: Pop, Rock, Folk I'm a Cyber performer so it's just 4 you, online.[See VIDEOS below made w/this PC] Started very late in life as a hobbyist,@ retirement age got this KEWLL Roland keyboard w/studio. It feels good to be "Git-Down-Grandpa" cuz there's so much GOOD music everywhere and young people are so great! I create (nearly all the parts), including drumming with fingers and all the vocals. Lotsa "covers" and some originals along w/ Art. .Go see the art, dls are FREE [link @ very bottom here].I do the cd covers (like the one above)sitting by the Pacific. I've made 10 cds and they're @ typical online outlets. 128 cover individual tunes are here and there! Please, Buy one! I'm working on a tune called, "When I'm Young Again"..., but by way of editing this may change it to, "When I Get Back, We'll Go Dancing Thru The Stars". As i am no longer young, and wish I could create more far-out sound I hear within. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>Publication: Jango.comDate:

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