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Just a dude that likes listening to and creating music. I always thought it was weird when people talk about themselves in 3rd person on these types of things. Dustin James was born in Mcalester Ok on august 18 1986 then he moved to the streets of Tampa FL where he became the baddest mother****er alive. HAHAHAHA JK. There isn't much background. I just like to be chill and stuff. I read a lot of Dr. Seuss when I was young. (Who didn't). Where the Wild Things Are makes me have awesome daydreams of being a sick child on cough medicine. I thought every town had a river until I was 10. The first movie I remember watching in theaters was terminator or Child's Play not sure. I was one of the children in the corn but unfortunately I aged a little. One time I actually figured out a rubix cube (thats something to be proud of). Adult Swim is for trippy kids. About a year ago a group of friends and I tried to start the revolution but it immediately came to a halt once we figured out we couldn't get back into the apartment complex because we were all irresponsible and lost our gate keys. Ever taken a flight a few hours into the sun?

To be as open minded to new ideas as possible. To never litter. Awaken some day. Help others free their minds.

Camping with friends. Drum circles. Dance Dance Boots and Pants. The beach is ok when it's not all crowded.

The hokey pokey is what IT's all about


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