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Tim Steinruck grew up in northern rural British Columbia, Canada. The local church, where his father was the organist, was where Tim began building his music foundations. Singing in the choir taught him about harmony and the blending of tones while 'specials' on Sundays began shaping him as a performer. Without television, entertainment was family and friends getting together to sing, play, and create elaborate and improvised acting performances. Tim experimented with drums, piano, organ, guitar and bass guitar. At the age of 13, he went to his first live rock concert at the local high-school. He instantly realized his purpose.

With a ravenous appetite for rock music, Tim gorged himself on Kiss, Boston, Nazareth, Abba, Canadian and international artists, whatever he could get his ears on. He committed himself to studying, learning and emulating everything about his heroes. Tim spent hours learning their songs and visualizing their moves. At an early age Tim left home, moved to the nearest city and finished school. While playing in local bands, he worked at a gas station and surfed the couches of friends and their kind parents. Shortly after graduation, Tim and his friend Frank sold everything they owned, except their amps and guitars. Duffel bags in hand, they bought one-way tickets to Vancouver and set off in search of stardom.

After a disastrous attempt to form a cover band, Tim and Frank and their drummer Les rented a house slated for demolition in a poor, industrial part of the city. Day and night, train cars full of lumber rolled past just a few feet from their living room window. In that house, they learned to write songs, and in the evenings, would host loud parties to try out their music on a live audience. They lived like rock stars and sometimes collected enough empties for food the next day. Eventually the house was torn down, Tim got a string of jobs in professional cover bands and went out on the road across Canada.

Tim forged a reputation not only as a great singer and bass player but also as an energetic and dynamic performer. With these qualities his agent landed him the bass spot in a classic Van Halen tribute. 'Unchained' went on to play a festival tour in California for audiences of 5000+, and one night when Kiss was in Vancouver, were able to get their original music into the hands of Paul Stanley. Polygram Records put together a speculative multi-million dollar deal and flew the band to L.A. to begin recording. But the tides of the music industry were changing. Grunge was in, and the band and the deal...died.

Tim established himself in the film industry in Vancouver and from that foundation has re-established his musical prowess. Now, with his own recording studio and network of artists, Tim is expressing his unlimited musical creativity;on his terms.

Tim focuses all of his energy on writing and recording his own material and has emerged with two full length recordings. 'TheMightyOne' is a melodic, 'stadium style', guitar riff-driven rock album showcasing Tim's voice, song-writing, bass, guitar and budding skills as a producer while 'God'sChair' is a very personal, stripped-down acoustic journey into his spirituality. A powerful process of distillation has crystallized his talent to expose his true purpose realized so many years ago........... the creation and performance of music..........his music.

Music of any kind, acting, cooking, spirituality and fitness...2012

To help the sleeping ones wake up.....Waaake UP!

Music is the soundtrack of the soul!


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