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Traitor in a Second came together when two bands out of Augusta, GA, who were well known for touring up and down the east coast, disbanded. After Lyka Champ and Challenge Theory split in 2006, BJ ( lead vocals, guitar) and Chris (bass) from Lyka Champ joined forces with Mark (keys, backing vox), Mike (lead guitar), and EJ (drums, electronic percussion) from Challenge Theory, and together they spent months perfecting a new sound in the studio before ever playing a live show. They did this to create a sound that finds its influences in many different genres of music and to make a fresh, unique, and eclectic mix that they hope you will enjoy!

Update! We are back in the studio recording some of our newer material. This should be available in the next few months.

We also just got done with a photoshoot and are awaiting the final pics, so those should be up in our albums soon!

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Write us if you like what you see/hear....We do appreciate it since it's hard to get noticed when you are a little different. We enjoy reading any comments positive or negative and welcome you to write us on myspace or on our email. Thanks!

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