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TiaLoray, born Colette Bates was born and raised in Compton, California. At the age of 8 TiaLoray began to notice that she had an interest in music. She listened to and admired the vocal styles of the older generation. Some of the music legends she admired were Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle and Tina Turner. She often mimicked the sounds of these women and was considered to be an exceptional performer for her age.

TiaLoray was raised in the church where she discovered that she was blessed with the gift to sing. Shortly after joining the church choir she realized she was able to bring the congregation to their feet. As TiaLoray grew and matured in her craft, she learned that she loved to entertain people. 
She began to entertain outside the church and perform at local events. She wanted to share her talents with the world and her passion for singing grew each year she performed.

TiaLoray put her life and singing career on hold to care for her ill grandmother. Prior to her grandmother’s death she told TiaLoray to pursue her dreams and no matter what she did in life, “always keep God first." From that moment forth, TiaLoray used her gift in multiple television productions, live stage plays and background singing for major artist. 
She has starred along side R&B music artists Howard Hewitt and James De Barge in the hit gospel stage play “A Man That Finds A Wife Finds A Good Thing.” She has also performed with Gospel Legend Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Ali Woodson of The Temptations, and Keith Washington from “Lord There’s A Stranger in My House.” She’s also done background singing for rapper YO-YO, KNOCTURNAL, MacMilly, TC and many others. TiaLoray is a former member of the female singing gospel group DIVINE PRAISE based out of California. She’s also performed at live stage events, clubs and private locations such as; Club B-52, The Key Club, The Conga Room (Jamie Fox Night), Club Dragonfly, The Watts Festival, Club Cohiba, and The Cellar.

Destiny recently brought TiaLoray to Atlanta Georgia to continue to pursue her music career. Since relocating, she has performed at several local venues including Apache Café and Jett Lounge. TiaLoray is rapidly building a fan base on the east coast and continues to work extremely hard to achieve her goals.

Singer, Songwriter, Actor

Singing, Dancing, Writing, Jogging, Acting

Indie Artist

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