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Thick Red Wine--otherwise known as Austin (via NJ/Philly/Chicago) singer-songwriter Mike Wojciechowski--only recently began playing shows and he's already steadily building a loyal following. Indie folk for people who love smart, interesting and unique lyrics, the songs incorporate honesty, wit and humor and they dig for truth in unexpected places. "Never Wanted to Be Cool" is about a childhood recess fight. "Geneva's Song" covers a house party, Usher and Ginuwine's background singers and joining the jazz band. "Crowne Plaza" focuses on the wait for someone you to love to come home. "Disney Movies" explores how substance abuse erodes childhood memory. "Price Check" pinpoints the feeling of helplessness for trapped small town teenagers. "Rise Above" argues for overcoming struggle through music instead of using music as a way to achieve fame. And so on. There are plenty more songs about love, loss, and even J Lo cannibalizing someone. These songs have a life of their own. In a live experience--besides telling stories and yelling like a fiend--Thick Red Wine has been known to veer off into unusual covers (J Lo, R. Kelly, Whitney Houston). Having played house shows, convenience stores, bars, and on top of coffee tables, Thick Red Wine aims to bring his songs to anyone who's willing to listen. If you're looking for more info, please contact Thick Red Wine directly via phone or email or check out his official website, which functions as the gateway to news, songs, videos, poems, essays, blogging, etc.

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