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The Mondays are an original pop rock band out of NYC. Their catchy, radio friendly style has won them fans and friends throughout the northeast.... a bundle of interesting parts working better as a whole...everyone contributing their own unique brand of mental and emotional disorder to the group...whether it's Don's neurotic episodes and sweet harmonies, Kevin's hair band like exuberance and powerful fills, Ken's perpetual perfectionism and pop lyric genius, or John's giant Ego and slashing guitar...when you put it all together, it's magic.

The Mondays have opened for such acts as Cheap Trick, Everclear, and Ace Frehley

The Mondays have recently appeared on NBC's Star Tomorrow Series featuring Grammy Winner David Foster

Mondays Music will be featured this fall in the Fox Pilot "Subtitutes" and on MTV's "logo" network

The Mondays have released two full length Cd's ...1998's The Mondays..and 2006's StoryTeller

Lead guitarist for Indie Power Pop group The Mondays, co host of the nationally syndicated Edge Radio Show and freelance broadcaster and actor.

total fame and /or fortune ! ( mostly fortune LOL )

playing live !! the best feeling ever ..being on camera or on air...the next best....surfing..playing frisbee with sienna, the worlds smartest dog (tm), playing with the kids...

The Mondays will be appearing at the Hershey Park Amphitheatre this July 6th @ 2pm

  • Podsafe Music Review: With The Mondays from New York

  • Mod Radio UK

    New York seems to be going through a musical renaissance at present and here is it`s latest protege, The Mondays, a power popped rock band from the heart of NYC. This is their long awaited second album, Storyteller, released by Harborgate Records. A 12 track power pop extravaganza drenched with echoes of the past whilst keeping a raw modern edge, and that`s just the way we like it! This 4 piece combo are, Ken Carmen on Vocals & Keys, Kev Gonzalez on Percussion, Don Cook on Bass & Backing Vocals & John Aita on Guitars. Packing a punch, The Mondays, have been touring up and down the USA as well as appearing on TV, on NBC`s "Star Tomorrow" show. According to their promo pack, "Their live shows are legendary for being the most fun you can have with your clothes on!", all righty then lets have it! Starting off this funfest is the track, "Best Days", fantastic opener, in fact, this tune went straight into our top 20 after only one day on the stream, "Now & Then", catchy tune indeed, I keep thinking I`ve heard this on a film somehow, "Anyone Like Me", Green Day influenced punkier side of Indie, "No Better", another bouncy catchy sunshine power popper, "When I Think About You", is this Good Charlotte?, "Time", guitar heaven pure US indie rock, "Believe", great track, jangly guitar work and rhythmic vocals by Carmen & Cook, certainally my pick on the bunch, "Alone", half way through the CD and I`ve become a Mondays fan! outstanding!, "Follow", more Indiness from the guys, nice tune, "The Way It Goes", more punk influnced powerpop, think Lurkers cum Buzzcocks, "Time of Your Life", can`t help but think of Secret Affair punk`d & last but not least it`s, "Without You", Guitar Riffs aplenty, bouncy, catchy, yes ladies & gentlemen, The Mondays are here! take a bow Carmen & Co. Wow! I`m really lost for words, 12 sharp shocks packed into this CD, think of Bowling For Soup or Good Charlotte mixed with a hint of punkiness from the likes of Green Day & The Buzcocks. Expect to hear more from these guys in the near future as this CD`s a monster! A surefire hit with the Indie crowd! and I tell you now, these guys would go down a storm over here in the UK. What a great start to the New Year, reviewing this CD, it`s so good I implore you to get a copy now!Publication:
  • Storyteller review

    The Mondays are a good pop-punk band. The music on "STORYTELLER" is filled with waves of 3 and 4 chord pop-punk rockers strung together in a manner that puts emphasis on every bar chord and catchy chorus. This formula works. The Mondays are at the head of the power-punk class. All of the songs on the "STORYTELLER" disc have catchy reference points. Even in the distortion based din of some of the material, the lessons of listening to the Beatles, Ramones, Sex Pistols, Gin Blossoms, and Green Day is apparent. Tunes like "Now And Then" and "No Better" reflect this alchemy of styles. "Anyone Like Me" is a hook-filled song with a solid beat and effective Green Day like vocal phrasing. Ken Carmen (Lead Vocals, Keyboards), Don Cook (Bass), John Aita (Guitar), and Kevin Gonzalez (Drums), all exhibit the musical chops to bring their Beatles meets the Ramones meets Green Day style to a wider audience. The material is arranged in a radio-friendly manner. Harmonies are very nice, and give The Mondays a stylistic touch that is unique to them. The Mondays understand that to write a catchy tune you need some life experience, sensitivity, and effective communication skills.Publication: - CL Entertainment WeeklyDate:

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