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The Hope Movement began in May 2008. Over the next year they climbed to the top ranks of social media sites gaining over 8,000 fans across the internet by playing shows anywhere and everywhere in the northwest. In Fall 2009 after early demos had recieved well over 75,000 streams, THM recorded and released Signals Through Your Stereo, their first full length release. Songs like Lights, Stay, and You're Not Alone paved the way for The Hope Movement whose tight, energetic live show wins over fans of any genre of music. 3 years after the bands begining, The Hope Movement signed to Asterisk Records, part of the AMA Label Group, shared the stage and toured with some of the nations best artists. Today with over 11,000 fans and 150,000 streams on various social media sites The Hope Movement shows no sign of slowing down as they are gearing up to release their label debut album in 2012.

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