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Take the fun beat of rockabilly and mix it with a little bit of country, a little bit of pop, and a whole lot of cool and you get the band, "The Honorifics". The Honorifics are fresh, fun, and catchy as hell!

Band Members:
Jon Lindquist
Accoustic Rhythm Vocals
Jon Lindquist is a hall-of-fame radio announcer/producer whose voice has been heard by millions; and he has been a vital part of the Las Vegas radio landscape for over 20 years. Jon originally hales from Montana and loves playing music.

Annette Hasalone
Lead Guitar Vocals
Dr. Annette Hasalone is a well-known Naturopathic Doctor who has been listed in the Marqui's Who's Who since 2003. Having developed a full line of products for her company Elemental Research, Inc., Dr. Annette is both an innovator and inventor. In addition, she has been a prominent radio-broadcaster for almost 15 years. She is originally from Northern California and has been playing guitar and singing since she was very young.

Garret Capler
Drums Vocals
Though the band calls him "Gary", Garret has been active in music most of his life, in a variety of styles, in a variety of roles, and on a variety of instruments. Jon and Annette refer to Gary as the "icing on their musical cake." His talent, keen sense of humor, boyish charm, and love of music are elements The Honorifics wouldn't be the same without.

Thaddeus Corea
Bass - Drums Vocals
If the name Corea sounds familiar, it should. Thaddeus is the son of jazz-legend Chick Corea. While he often refers to himself as a drummer, his bass playing has been the foundation for artists as diverse as Blue Man Group and Wild Colonials. He is also owner of the coolest recording studio in Las Vegas: Jaguar Recording Studio. Thaddeus' musical interests and tastes run the gamut, hence his interest in The Honorifics.

♪♪♪♪♪♪ We are delighted that you have joined us

for all the fun. We will be adding more music,

videos and shows as we grow. You are what makes

it possible for us to share the love of music!

Please make sure to tell all your friends and

family about "The Honorifics". Our band released

our debut album entitled, !YAY! on 02/14/12 and

are working hard to get our music to the public.

The Honorifics have a unique sound that is fresh,

fun, and catchy as hell! We think you will love

our music. "The Honorifics" are a very classy

band with shimmering re-imaginings to old

favorites and cool new tunes by our wicked, cool

Vegas band! ♪♪♪♪♪♪

INDIE MUSIC CHANNEL AWARD WINNERS, THE HONORIFICS, ROCK THE RED CARPET IN HOLLYWOOD!!! And receive prestigious nomination for "Album of the Year"

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    Phone: 702-483-7565
    5892 Losee Rd., Suite 244Las Vegas, NEVADA 89081 United States
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  • The nominations for the 2013 Indie Music Channel Awards have been announced; The Honorifics are up for two of them: Best Album (Rock) Best Band (Rock)

  • MikeWhitePresents, loves Suspicion

    "The Elvis classic is given a very classy and shimmering reimagining by this wicked-cool, Vegas band, The Honorifics!"Publication: MikeWhitePresents - award winning producers and musicians.
  • Indie Music Channel Artist Spotlight

    "Take the fun beat of rockabilly and mix it with a little bit of country, a little bit of pop, and a whole lot of cool and you get the band, "The Honorifics".Publication: Christopher Ewing - Indie Music ChannelDate:
  • Malcolm Ian Connell, on The Honorifics

    "Good old fashioned harmonies with an original rock 'n roll feel. Love it!"Publication: Malcolm Ian ConnellDate:
  • - MaryAnn, on The Honorifics

    "Your style and that deep voice. Bring me back in time. Bless this page! Life needs you! The music industry really needs you and you should be coming out of everyone's radio no KIDDING! ...=_=.. ♥ ♫"Date:

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