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The future of American hard rock music!A statement that would not have been stated if it were not believed to be true. The future is a New York based hard rock band that calls themselves ¢The Fearless¢. A three piece outfit that stems from the most classic of classic rock to today§s best in the same field.The band features Paul Thomas on vocals and bass, Frank Joseph on vocals and guitar and Matt Maloney on vocals and drums. What makes these fellas different from every other aspiring band out there is one simple thing®..®..The Song.With so many bands priding themselves on precise musicianship and good looks, The Fearless§ song writing prowess takes a step above the usual formula of today§s newest artists with out lacking in the other two ingredients.The Fearless§ originality comes from not trying to be a part of a tiring scene. Whether it be modern bandwagon§s like the emo scene or the nu-metal scene that is so prominent in New York and the rest of the country today. The Fearless§ refreshing sound showcases their three part harmonies and ferocious guitar onslaught, while still maintaining pop sensibilities ready made for top 40 radio.There is really only one thing on The Fearless§ agenda® be Americas and the rest of the world§s premier hard rock band!

Getting signed, Summer tour, thing of that nature

signed by AMA label group

  • The Fearless

    155 KETCHAM AVENew York United States
  • 2nd Place L.I. Music Festival

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