The Farmhouse Ghost


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The farmhouse ghost is a band. Singer/Songwriters, Drew Plowman on acoustic guitar and JB Forrester on bass, like to write songs about mamas, trees and whiskey. Drew looks an awful lot like Justin Bieber, it's kind of sad. J.B. is Papabear, and he likes his porridge hot. Cepheus is from another universe, and he plays the drums. He met Drew and JB at Ike's Wednesday night bluegrass jam. Kris has a guitar pedal that plays radio waves. He used to be Drew's boss at a call center in Virginia. They play a variety of covers that should please any listener, fused between well-crafted originals that will make you laugh, dance and cry....well maybe not cry, but check 'em out. You won't be disappointed.

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    Phone: 276-685-2940
    Tennessee United States
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    Farmhouse Ghost There’s nothing Halloweenish about Farmhouse Ghost. Well, OK, there’s the name. And then there’s their haunting melodies. No tricks but all treats, Farmhouse Ghost aims to haunt The Old Mill in Lebanon, Va., on April 27 with their touch-of-twang style. Call ’em Americana that hangs around for a while, music with substance that isn’t here today and gone tomorrow. Helmed by singer-songwriters Drew Plowman and J.B. Forrester, Farmhouse Ghost showcase original music influenced by American music’s rich past. Take their tune "North in the Morning." Idiosyncratic vocals meld with a rockabilly-meets-Johnny Cash sound. Touches of folk chime in on "Hard Country." Marked by lyrics that linger amid unforgettable melodies, yeah, you can say that Farmhouse Ghost provide a haunting experience.Publication: Tom Netherland -

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