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ASCAP Member. Primarily a drummer, I also like to play around with the guitar, bass, and keyboards. I tend to lean toward Funk as a musician, but I try not to limit myself by taking genre to seriously. I find myself spending more time on production and less time on live gigs. The music I create now is directed toward theatrical use, as opposed to radio play. I am hoping to one day score a movie sound track, or at least have one of my tracks to be part of a music soundtrack.

I have beating on the drums since age 8. I have learned how to play the Bass, Guitar, and Keyboards, in a crude way on my own. Most of my experience is playing in Bar Bands, with a few appearances at the Paramount Theatre, in Seattle.

Throughout my musical career I have experimented with different recording techniques, both analogue, and digital, and have settled on a mixture of both to achieve "my sound". As of late I have been colaberating with SireOne on musical tracks for his unique rapping style.

Out side of music, I am a big Soccer, and Football fan, and am an avid follower of the Mariners. I am trying to focus my attention more on production, and less on performance. You will mostly see me as a colaberative artist on upcoming SireOne tracks, and videos.

Musical and Video production. With an intrest in Cinematic music scores, while colaberating with local, and internet artists from time to time, and evolving the new genre. . . . Omni.

Life is what one makes of it. I'm makin' a sammich !

  • Kurt (KapKurt) Wang

    Phone: 425 586-0656Fax: 360 659-2352
    6622 67th Dr NEMarysville, Washington 98207-5312 United States
  • Phone: 425 586-0656
    6622 67th Dr NEMarysville, Washington 98270-5312 United States

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