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As a Musician my first influence to music came from my Brasilian culture. Brasilian people have one of the most festive cultures that are driven by its music. Like a drum from Batucada music my heart beats to the rhythm of Carnival. Growing up I was never intrigued by the radio's pop music and was not a fan of music in general. When I was 10 my mother gave me a Run D-mc Tape and a Fat boys tape and from that moment so birthed my love for Hip Hop culture.

At the age of 11, I and a few friends made our first homemade recording with an instrumental from a vinyl and a fisher price lil tyke's recorder that was a friend§s little sisters toy. One of the boys mothers took the song to the local radio station and we got to do our song live on the radio. Not much at this time would come of it. Years passed and i continued always writing music but never had any of the right tools to ever create it.

In August 2002 I took on the role of CEO of an Independent record label "HomeGrown Records Inc." Putting my passion for rapping aside my main focus was establishing an independent record label in Canada and to promote and manage the artists. Over a 5 year spread i have managed over 14 artists, released 8 albums from the label and have sponsored several other albums in collaboration with other labels. With around 14,000 units sold and over 100 live events featuring my artist or events I've promoted.

A few years ago i suffered the pain of my mother dying in my arms. Turing to music as my therapy i have since then completed about 300 tracks and counting. Not claiming they are all great but making music has been an escape and played a huge role in my healing process. I am currently finishing my debut solo album. With several completed projects to be released shortly after. Also in the works are 2 videos to accompany the release of the album. This is targeted to be released in early summer of 2011.

Now 2011 I am currently running a new Business. Independent Generation. which is a fully functional artist development company. We offer every possible service that one would need to help develop their musical talents, create their media and get it out to the world. Fully functional Recording studio a huge network of business working under the Umbrella that is Independent Generation. Including cd manufacturing, web design, digital design, mixing mastering, song writing, music lessons, video production, management, tour managing, booking, advertising and the list goes on and on.

It has been an interesting road that i have traveled, a journey far from done. On my way i managed to pick up an intreats and skills in both painting and Music. Both have grown to become huge passions in my life and i hope to be remembered as a modern day renaissance man. Exceling in multiple crafts on a higher level.

"I may not change the world, but i will defiantly spark the mind of the person that does" - Tupac Shakur

To Inspire through art

Hip Hop music and culture.
Graphic Design
Screen play writing
Urban Marketing
Artist Management
Song Writing
Creative Minds

After every Dark Age dawns a new Renaissance


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