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Terry Calvin is a Hip-Hop artist born and raised in New Orleans Louisiana. His love for music was discovered early around the age 11, by age 13 he knew he wanted to make it a career. Perfecting his craft he started recording his music at the age of 16 and starting performing at local spots by the age of 18. His goal has always been to uplift the weak while being diverse in his writing ability. His music is very honest and is delivered with raw emotion, he sets himself apart with his messages about overcoming obstacles and finding hope when feeling hopeless. His mission is to save as many lives by showing others if God can change him He can do it for you. No matter what race or gender, his music is for the have nots and the overlooked. I challenge you to give his music a listen and see if it doesn't tug at your heart giving you a desire to want more and to become better. He has put countless hours and passion into his music, it has been a long journey and all he ask is that you leave your baggage wherever it is, come as you are and join him on the quest of getting closer to God and becoming the best you you can possibly be. Enjoy the music and we welcome you on this ride.

  • Terry Calvin Press Kit

    Phone: 321-442-4949
    KISSIMMEE, Florida 34741
    • Venue has to be able to be searched VIA Internet or social media
    • Venue or event has to be organized
    • If being paid, Money has to be at least half of the expected amount (before hand)..the rest comes after show is done
    • If Terry preforms for free or a charity event or special guess, its promo for promo
    • Contract is preferred before business is handled
    • Food Drive

      Preformed at J.U.M.P Ministries For a charitable event

      Source: J.U.M.P Ministries

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