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Hello my friends, My name is Joseph Antonyio Vicks. Founder of a number of Groups, The Fantastic Sons of Calvary, Heaven Bound, New Angels of Joy and more recently Tony Vicks & Dedicated Ministries. Although these groups are no longer in existence I decide to take it to the road alone as Simply Tony. With 36 years of experience and stage presence under my belt I've managed to procure I think a great line up of listening material for you the audience. Born in Cairo Georgia I attended and graduated there. Began Singing Gospel Music in 1977 at the age of 12 and God has allowed and afforded me the opportunity to bring it to you in my own image. trying to be different from many gospel artist I vowed to bring to you the whole truth and nothing but the truth according to the words of God. I sang on stages across the country with many of the nations top gospel artist even travel with Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Mr. Arthur Crume & the Soul Stirrers. Sat in with Lil Blair & the Fantastic Violinaires. Recently signed to Hillboy Records & Muzic Tyme Ent. Inc of Gloster Mississippi we have vowed to bring you that Old time original sound that many of you grew up knowing and listening to but, our most sacred vow { Changing the way we do Music; One artist at a time. No more money before Souls, no more testilying but true Testimonies. For God has been good to me and I intend to sing about it and tell about everywhere I venture. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer and please know my prayer within your life is that God continues to bless and, keep you in perfect peace.

  • Simply Tony

    Phone: 850-284-8258
    2323 Trimble road Apt. #CTallahassee, Florida 32303 United States
  • A retainer must be paid 90 days in advance- Deposit 15 days after.
  • At least 4 star hotel must secured and paid for upon arrival 3 rooms double beds.
  • Remaining monies shall be paid to Artist 1 hour before they are scheduled to take the satge ( No negotiations)
  • Sufficient Dressing room or rooms must be provided, (NO RESTROOMS WILL BE ACCEPTED)
  • Table must be provided for artist to set for sales of merchandice.
  • Producer of the Year 2009 Hillboy Music awards Gloster, Ms.

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