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Canadian worship band, Starfield, has spent the last 10 years partnering with churches and ministries, leading students and congregations in passionate and energetic worship. They released their self-titled major label debut in 2004, followed by "Beauty in the Broken" in 2006, "I Will Go" in 2008 and most recently "The Saving One" in 2010. Starfield-penned songs like "Filled With Your Glory", "Reign In Us", and "The Saving One" are sung in church services every weekend all over the world. Starfield is the most-awarded and top-selling Christian band in Canada, and are expanding that following in the US, United Kingdom, and Europe with yearly concert tours and conference appearances. Ministry partnerships with the Billy Graham Association, Dare2Share, and Youth Specialties have helped Starfield grow beyond the confines of the music industry and more directly into partnerships with the local Church.<br><br>Since the early days of the band, Starfield has averaged approximately 120 concerts a year in Canada, the United States and Europe. They have released four studio albums that have won multiple GMA Canada Covenant Awards (Canada's Dove Awards), received four Juno nominations, five Vibe Awards, and the Prairie Music Award for best Christian album. Starfield typically books venues within the 500-2,000 capacity range, as well as Multi-Artist Conferences with anywhere from 5,000-30,000 in attendance. Over the years the band has collected over 200,000 contacts, through mailing-lists and other various social networking sites.<br><br>Click Links for Live Videos:<br><br>

<a href="">Starfield - I Will Go (EO Youth Day)</a>
<a href="">Starfield - Top of Our Lungs (Flevo Fest, Netherlands 2011)</a>
<a href="">Starfield - Filled With Your Glory @ C4 Awakening</a>

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    150 5th AvenueNew York, New York 10011 United States
  • GMA: 2006 Album of the Year: Beauty in the Broken

  • GMA: Pop/Contemporary Album of the Year: Beauty in the Broken

  • GMA: 2006 Song of the Year: "Son of God"

  • GMA: 2007 Group of the Year

  • GMA: 2007 Blessings Fan Choice Award

  • GMA: 2007 Rock Song of the Year: "The Hand That Holds The World"

  • GMA: 2007 Recorded Song of the Year: "The Hand That Holds The World"

  • GMA: 2008 six awards including: Artist of the Year, Group of the Year, Album of the Year: I Will Go, Modern Worship Album of the Year: I Will Go, Praise And Worship Song of the Year: "Reign In Us", and Recorded Song of the Year: "Hosanna"[

  • GMA: 2009 six nominations, including: Artist of the Year, Group of the Year, Song of the Year: "I Will Go", Recorded Song of the Year: "I Will Go", Rock Song of the Year: "I Will Go", Video of the Year: "I Will Go"

  • GMA: 2010 Artist of the Year

  • GMA: 2010 Modern Worship Album of the Year: The Saving One

  • GMA: 2006 Special Events/Compilation of the Year: Sea to Sea: Filled With Your Glory

  • GMA: 2006 Group of the Year


    Starfield gained strong momentum, achieving its best radio success, album sales and touring season in the band�s six-year history with its last project Beauty in the Broken. Then inspired by its home congregation, Starfield began to write new songs of substance and style. The substance became the theme and title of the album, I Will Go. The project has made Starfield�s musical mission very clear. The band now brings an intentional message that encourages the listeners to help a hurting world. Currently Starfield is headlining its first U.S. tour, the �I Will Go� Tour, visiting more than 20 cities through mid-November. For more information, visit BreatheCastDate:

    The Juno nomination came after Starfield received three 2007 Shai awards (Canada's Christian Music People's Choice Awards). The band not only claimed �Group of the Year� and �Contemporary/Pop Album of the Year� honors, but received its fourth consecutive Shai for �Artist of the Year.� The 2007 Shai Awards were held January 25 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada ( BreatheCast

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