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SS Writum' was born in Shreveport L.a. and resided in Greenwood a small rural town right out side of Shreveport. At the age of four he moved to Shreveport where he grew and started to get involved with Hip Hop. Talented as he is, there have been many trials in his life he has overcome. While living the life of a gang member, he swiftly realized that wasn't the route for him to take and proactively got more involved in the art of hip hop. His very words are "Hip hop saved me, so now I'm here to save Hip Hop ............" With that being said he is officially ready to take on the task of bringing back real "music" and respect to Hip Hop.

SS Writum, Much more than an artist!!! Check Me Out

  • Superstar Writum

    Phone: 318-573-4436
    Shreveport, Louisiana 71109 United States
    • Eco Art Awards

      "Vampires and Zombies" excepted into the Eco Art Awards!!!!! This prolific artist is making his mark by applying his craft where it counts. Check out " Vampires and Zombies" along with other various music that SS Writum has released to the world of Hip Hop> SS Writum, who knew they would like em'Publication: Reverbnation
    • Music Review

      "He definitely brings thought provoking subjects on songs like "Vampires and Zombies." Through out the song he explores racism and classification. Using the analogy of Zombies and Vampires. In the song Zombies have a different meaning-we're all the same, flesh and blood regardless of race or class. Vampires are the evil humans whom tend to gravitate towards racism, classification, and general negativity. The out spoken song is a perfect example of what SS is hoping to bring to the game."Publication:

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