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Artist Young SPaceMANN was born Terry Richmond Jr. in Chapel Hill,NC. As a child Spacemann was forced to watch domestic abuse and a drug addiction that plagued his father. His mother would find her breaking part and snatched up Spacemann in her arms and jump out a second story window to never look back again. While working relentlessly and going to school, Spacemann was left in the care of his late great grandmother Emma Lou Gunn and his long time father figure Poole. Emma would always keep action figures, a toy wrestling ring and the two things that would become Spacemann's staple...a pen and pad. Spacemann would listen to songs on TV from older artists as they where being promoting on CDs and try to jot the songs down as fast as he could. By age six Spacemann was penning songs and verses.

By age 12 Spacemann had relocated to Stoney Creek(The Creekside) and join forces with childhood friends Coe Taylor and Young Wink as they began recording on a back porch with a boombox. From there they began recording in a makeshift studio at Spacemann's house. During this evolution, there was one friend that Spacemann had grown to love and respect as a brother, Shawshank The Ghost Producer. Shawshank would grant Spacemann free preproduction as he worked on his own sound. Watching Shawshank manage many talents from Creamdreamz, Nyshaun the Trendsetta, Young Fella and DanVegas one of Spacemann's goals would be to be managed by Shawshank.

Influenced early by Bill Withers, Jimmi Hendrix and The Temptations, Spacemann would begin working on a complex sound fusing Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop and brand that he would soon crown "Space Bop" for it s bounce and spacey sound. By age 20 Spacemann was pre recording slowly developing the sound that is a staple with him now. He began penning classic joints that his city of Yanceyville, North Carolina ate up like, My Spaceship, Morning Sun and Feels So Good.

Spacemann is now 23 years old and has achieved one of his life long be signed to Shawshank The Ghost Producer at GotBeatz Music Group. Already riding a buzz of his hood smash Gimme That Crown Vic, he is set to shock the world with coming songs Hotter Than You Ever Been and SUUUUUPER. Waiting patiently for the release of the Greg Street hosted "Shawshank's Redemption", he is preparing for his first studio album "I Am So SUUUUUUPER" slated for a 4th quarter release. Spacemann is ready to release 'SPaceMANN! Muzik" upon the world, as he believes it is refreshing and brand new to the ears of musicheads. Spacemann! also is in the process of trying to save his ever dying city of Yanceyville a.k.a. "The Yank Jungle". Spacemann! is a bright young man driven by imagination, passion, and a love for music and people.

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