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Solar Flame are a five piece pop rock band originally from Hallina'h in Keplar, now residing on both sides of the creative shores of the River Mersey in Liverpool and Wirral, UK.

The band consists of;-
Valesca Nova (Lead Vocals)
Nexi Neutrino (Vocals/Keyboard/acoustic guitar)
Caelum Atollo (Vocals/Electric guitar)
Robus Aphelion (Drums)
Theyo Epsilon (Bass)

The band have covered a lot of ground since arriving on Earth only a few short months ago having played in festivals and shows throughout the Northwest including The Threshold Festival @ The Constellations Venue and Adlib Audio Live at Liverpool Community College theatre.

Solar Flame have distinctive and unique sound combining elements of retro rock and modern indie to create their own brand of "Space pop"

The band are currently filming their music video for single release later this year and have already recorded with top producers such as Jim Spencer of Charlatans fame and Jon Withnall (Elbow/Coldplay)

Keep checking the Solar flame site for up and coming gigs/shows and festivals from the world's one and only band from the cosmos.

  • Natalia Solaris, Fairplayed Media Ltd

    Phone: 07785629995
    Manor House farmClatterbridge roadWirral, Merseyside CH63 4JD United Kingdom
  • Ideally, full back line would be preferred
  • White screen for projections would be helpful
  • Winners of The Lyran Voice (INTERGALACTIC TRANSMISSION)

  • runners up in the SFX Factor

  • Best Newcomers in Keplar's Got Talent

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