Taeya Mills


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In 4th grade there were talent show tryouts and I tried out with my friend Briona and we made it. We song "Our Lips Are Sealed" By: Hilary and Haley Duff.

In 5th Grade I auditiond for a solo at our Spring concert and I got it I sang "The Lights of freedom". Also in 5th grade I did the Mini Classroom talent show. I sang in front of about 30 students in the class, and I sang "Just like You", By:Hannah Montana.

The last thing I did was MC the Talent show that year which is announcing everything that happens.

In 6th grade All I did was tryout for the talent show and I made it I sang, "Some Call It magic", By: Raven Symon`e.

Last Year I tried out for the Christmas holiday Mock Rock. Which is where you lip sync and dance. I made it and WON 3RD PLACE. I sang and danced to "Respect", By:Aretha Franklin.

Also that year I tried out for the schools play, and made it I got the Part of Zorina the "Hypnotist".

The last thing of the year was me and my friend Hannah, tried out for the talent show and and we made it we sang "Halo" By: Beyonce

What a year

Some of my interests when i get older are. I would like to look into Make-up Artistry, and i would also like to be an open heart surgeon. But I mostly just love singing, dancing, and acting. Sports I play are basktball, soccer, volleyball, cheerleading, track& field, and swimming.

My goals in life are to make someting out of my life and be someone most everyone can be proud of.

I would like to be rembered as a person who was always there for insperation.

In a Play..............The Chritmas Carol


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