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Joshua Shockley is an Underground Photographer who lives in Springfield Missouri with his beautiful wife (Chiara) and son (Malcolm) and when Joshua is not helping his wife run their store (Jaqueline's Now and Then-soon to change the name in the new year to Tha Family Shop) he is taking pictures of some of the city or landscapes of springfield and the surrounding areas. Most times, Joshua finds what he wants to photograph when he is roaming the city during his daily errands or when working with his ARC clients (Joshua also works for ARC of the Ozarks) when out for a cruise. Joshua Has enjoyed taking picures since highschool when he borrowed a camera to take pics for a class trip to see the Blue Angels perform at Whiteman Airforce Base. The ability for the Camera to focus what the eye see's to a specific and distraction free point of interest motivates Joshua to try different angles and ideas out. He has been known to take a moment to climb around on not so safe places to find the right idea for a photo.

Overall Joshua prefers black and white photography as the values seen within the photo allow the focus to be on the image and less on color. Joshua has done some portrait work for friends and is open to take photos of just about everything and anyone.

Just getting started in photography... No, really; i just purchased my camera in late 2010

nature, people, cityscapes, candid shots, anything-not pornagraphic

I want to make photography my career

really need to work on my page here soon.... i got some new stuff to put up

  • In Case You Want to Reach Joshua

    Phone: (417) 860-8978
    Springfield, Missouri United States

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