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Two female screamers, a guitarist who can play with his teeth, a drummer who is sure to wow you and a rhythm guitarist who creates melodic harmonies is what produces Shes SO! Entertaining. Hailing from Middletown, Ct, Shes SO! Entertaining is composed of Nikki Williams (Lead vocals), Heather Overstreet (Bass/Backing vocals), Frank Summa (Lead guitar), Kevin Richards (Rhythm guitar).

The music of Shes SO! Entertaining is formed by many different backgrounds of influences. On the heavier side, Kevin’s influence of Metallica gives the darker side and heavy breakdowns of Shes SO! Entertaining’s music. On the lighter side, Heather’s influence of Green Day and Nikki’s influence of the Used help to create the heartfelt lyrics that coincide with the upbeat bass lines. Last but not least, Frank’s influences of X Japan and Jason Becker create the melodic sweep arpeggios that complete the sound of Shes SO! Entertaining.

The story begins with the two females whom of which strongly disliked each other for years. If looks could kill, before they became best friends, one of these ladies if not both would have been dead! When Shes SO! Entertaining first formed back in May of 2009, there was a bassist and a vocalist. Putting up many ads on various websites for a guitarist and drummer, the two girls quickly got a response from Frank who has been in the band since June of 2009. One month later, Heather’s good friend, Kevin, who had just gotten out of the Navy joined the band. All that was still needed was a drummer. Now, Heather and Nikki belonged to a website called This website sends an email every month with a list of musicians in Connecticut looking for a band. In one of the emails they had received, Nick’s screen name was in there. In order to contact Nick from this website ten bucks had to be paid. Instead of paying the ten dollars, Nikki and Heather cheated the system and googled his screen name. The first result that popped up with Nick’s screen name was, a dating website. Heather quickly joined the site and emailed Nick saying, “listen, I do not want to date you, but I was wondering if you would like to join my band?” Soon after, Nick became the final member of Shes SO! Entertaining. However, after one of our shows Nick decided to resign from the band due to personal issues. Since Nicks departure, Garett Serke of Miasma has been filling in on drums until we can find a new one. This has not slowed down Shes SO! Entertaining... though. Shes SO! Entertaining has pushed themselves to new levels and has created a lot of attention in the music industry. With big goals in mind, this band will continue to exceed expectations and put on a show that is sure to entertain.

Super excited to be opening for The Word Alive, Abandon All Ships, Upon A Burning Body, and more!

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    Phone: 860-819-1329
    304 Camp StreetMiddletown, Connecticut 6457 United States

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