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When you spend time with Shelia Moore- Piper you begin to understand the subtle intensity of her music. “Music is a ministry, and it is my ministry,” and it was this passion and conviction that inspired Shelia Moore to deliver her sophomore release, “Tha Story Told Twice According to Shee Shee vol.1”. A body of music that is inviting, reflective, and encompasses a universal message of worship, self love, and hope.
God hath spoken once; twice have I heard this; that power belongeth unto God. Psalms 62:11
This song of David compelled Shelia Moore along with writing partner and husband, Glenn “GP” Piper to compose this opus as a testament to the confidence and trust in God that David praises throughout the 62nd chapter of Psalms. ‘As an artist, I want my music to uplift and inspire. Through the years the sound of gospel music has evolved to speak to new generations, Moore shares, however, the message remains the same; Jesus is the way, truth, and light. It is my desire that all people know Jesus Christ of Nazareth perfects that which concerns us, and to encourage everyone to build a strong spiritual connection to the higher power that is he.
Shelia Moore began writing songs as a young girl coming of age in Dallas, Texas. Drawing on the musical influences of Yolanda Adams, Israel Houghton, Tye Tribbett, and personal vocal coach, Tachina Danielle she was persuaded to establish an independent record label and production company with her husband, Busin Da Devil/UGROOVE MUSIC in 2004, as a vehicle to increase the effectiveness of her ministry.
Shelia Moore adds, “One of the truths that remains close to my heart is taken from the Book of Matthew,” “ … Who do you say I am…?” Matthew 16:15. “Jesus is not a religious God, but a relationship God.” “God desires for you to unite with him, and be prosperous in all facets of your natural and spiritual life.”

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      Shelia’s vocals and production are beautiful.Her music to me sounds like quiet praise and worship music.One could find a quiet corner, sit alone and wind down for the evening with the focus of reflecting on God while listening to her music. Yet, her music sounds so romantic minus the words (or inclusive of the words) that couples time can be spent together while listening to her music that is the gist of what I immediately felt.Publication: Patricia Brower,Brower Entertainment
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    • INTRODUCING CHRISTIAN SOUL SINGER … SHELIA MOORE “Tha Story Told Twice” Adds Soul to Contemporary Gospel Sound

      “Tha Story Told Twice” Adds Soul to Contemporary Gospel Sound LOS ANGELES -- Introducing …. Shelia Moore … aka Shee- Shee! She brings the newest sound to contemporary gospel music with her debut release, “Tha Story Told Twice.” Perhaps, carving out a new category of gospel music, she labels her music as “Christian soul” with the influences of hip hop and R&B grooves over a smooth melodic voice, drawing from urban funky sounds, live instruments, and unique orchestrations. Last month, Moore debut her music during a recent CD release party at Club Chateau in Houston. “Tha Story Told Twice” is getting some airplay, with popular tracks like “Single Lady” and “Rest Your Mind.” Her music can be heard on KTSU-FM (90.9), KCOH-AM (1430), and the inspiration station, KROI-FM (92.1), which is the home of the Yolanda Adams Morning Show.​ Breaking new ground, and creating a new genre of gospel music, Moore is excited that people are embracing the new and defining sound of Christian music. “As an artist, I want my music to uplift and inspire. Through the years, the sound of gospel music has changed in order to speak to a new generation,” she says. “Still, the message is still the same: Jesus is the way, the truth and the light. I want people to know Jesus Christ and get connected to him.”​ Many well-known musicians helped make the project a success, including her husband and side-kick producer, Glenn “GP” Piper as well as her younger brother Walter “Kadrae” Broughton, who sang background and produced a couple of tracks. Other vocalists that lend their musical talents, include Liz Vaughn on “Give Praise,” Shei Atkins on “Were Not,” Gene Moore Jr. on the bonus track “You Know I Will,” and production duo The Knuckle Headz and Allegro Adams (Yolanda Adams’ younger sister) on the “Give Praise Remix.” You really have to choose a song that the Lord gives you, and let it minister to you in the way that it should,” she explains. “Sometimes, it's pretty hard to choose the right song. But, my hope and prayer is that through my music, the word of Jesus Christ can be lifted.”​ The title of the album, “Tha Story Told Twice,” is a nod to the Psalms 62:11 scripture which states, "Once this was spoken but, twice have I heard this." And since some of the songs on this album were remixed from the last album to showcase Moore’s spiritual growth and musical flair, she felt the title was fitting. Of course, Moore has drawn her musical inspiration from some of the great names in contemporary gospel music like Yolanda Adams, CeCe Winans, Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary, Dorinda Clark and Karen Clark-Sheard; still ultimately, her main inspiration is the word of Jesus Christ. “The power of the Lord is awesome!” she says. “Especially through times of difficulty.” Moore received a bachelor’s degree in music from Southern University-Baton Rouge in La. and an associate’s degree in music and video business at the Art Institute of Houston. She has lifted her voice and talents at various special events, including “Koinonia” at Lakewood International, where mega church pastor Joel Osteen presides.​Publication: Wylissa Bennett, publicist WRB Public relations. Los Angeles

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