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According to the universe, a star is created from the gases, dust, and materials found in the galaxy. These materials combine to form a star, a massive illuminated sphere that can light up the darkest of nights. A star is the creation of something beyond our comprehension. It is something far too spectacular and beautiful. When you combine talent, passion, and the will to succeed, you will find Leshai. A musical star in the making.
Leshai is a singer, songwriter, and dancer who hails from Peoria,IL. Leshai's love for pop and r&b music began at the tender age of four. At age four, Leshai began imitating the musical styles of musical icons such as Michael Jackson, Beyonce, and Britney Spears. In only a few short years, Leshai began writing lyrics and arranging melodies to her own songs. Leshai then began perfecting her vocal talent by singing in school pageants and the church choir. After receiving much praise and encouragement from her family and peers, Leshai decided that a career in music was becoming less of a hobby and more of a deep rooted passion. In March of 2011 at the age of 15, Leshai broadcasted her vocal and dance talent to the world on YouTube. After almost a year, Leshai's YouTube videos have received over 1,000 views collectively and a host of dedicated subscribers. Now 16, Leshai is ready to showcase her talent to every corner of the world.
On November 29, 2011, Leshai released her debut album Devil’s Kiss. Leshai’s debut album spawned three consecutive Top Ten Hits, “You’re Like”, “Easy”, and “Devil’s Kiss.” "You're Like" debuted at No.19 on the local pop charts for, and later peaked at No. 7. The follow up single, "Easy", debuted on the pop charts in the Top Ten also peaking at No. 7. The single “Devil’s Kiss” has over 100 digital downloads, and continues to prove to be one of the singer’s biggest hits. Leshai wrote all three of her hit singles. The album includes nine tracks(eight of which were written by the singer). With three successful singles, countless YouTube videos, and a debut album under her belt, Leshai is definitely ready to make her mark on the entertainment world.

Countless music videos and one album later, Leshai is definitely on her way to the top. 16-year-old singer, dancer, and songwriter Leshai is making a name for herself in the independent music business. Leshai released her debut independent album "Devil's Kiss" November 29, 2011. Almost a year later, Leshai's hit single, "Devil's Kiss" is still in the Top Ten on the charts for ReverbNation and Unsigned Band The song has also over 1,900 plays on Lafango Radio. nn

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    Peoria, Illinois 61604 United States
    • No.3 on Unsigned Band Web Hip-Hop Podcast

    • No. 3 on Pop Charts for ReverbNation

    • "You're Like" No. 16 on Xsite Radio Top Singles Chart

    • "Devil's Kiss" No. 14 on Xsite Radio Top Singles Chart

    • "Devil's Kiss" No. 5 on Unsigned Band Web Pop Charts

    • Top Video Poster on Lafango


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