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Shadow Huntaz are international MC's having traveled the world and working with some of the greats. They have released numerous records and albums and continue to produce a fresh new approach to the mic. Shadow Huntaz developed a different and interesting style that has seen them as a favourite for a number of established producers, having worked with Hudson Mohawke, Rustie, Tha Trickaz, Mind, Chris de Luca, Alex smoke, Herrmutt Lobby Micheal fakesch, platinum selling artist, Jimmy taborello of dntel, and funckarma with many more lining up to get a piece of the action. Whether electronic or hip hop, Shadow Huntaz finds home in the undiscovered, rarely heard but never forgotten, idiosyncratic sounds of new music.

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    Phone: 13235726536
    1353 N Martel ave. suite 205 west hollywood , california 90046 United States
    • Mad EP and Shadow Huntaz :: IGLOO MAGAZINE

      Nightmare Scenario delivers sharp hard hitting vocal attacks coupled with some really low and dirty beats. It’s slow and dark with a fair bit of distortion, in a similar vein to the mighty Dead Fader EP that came out a while ago (and is reviewed here), or maybe the mentalness of Death Grips. This is not Hip-Hop for the charts, I warn you. But, for anyone with a love of real Hip-Hop, this is prime dirty beat real estate. Do you remember Cannibal OxPublication: INGLOO MAGAZINE Date:
    • Xlr8r magazine

      The Parabuthus transvaalicus, responsible for five percent of all deaths in North Africa, is considered the deadliest of the entire scorpion species. Their tactic: to move in stealth and attack in darkness. Their victims never see them coming until it's too late. Revered and feared, they are mystical predators of legend, known as "shadow hunters."Publication: Date:
    • Urb Magazine USA

      For their third album, the trio of emcees, downtempo productions that sample from spacey sounds and synth effects. Combine the sci-fi-inflected horrorcore of Shadows 1, 2 and 3, whose abstract flows describe body-mutilating metaphors of emcee dominance, and Shadow Huntaz comes off like a mix of Anti-Pop Consortium and Kool Keith.Publication:

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