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Jamie Scarborough is the co-founder of Sales Talent Agency. Jamie has been in the sales business since he was 14 years old in East London. He is now in his late 30's and has a huge sales background. He has sold everything from steak knives to rugs and carpet to wine and beer. Now he helps other sales people get into the business by helping companies who need sales people by giving those sales people who need help becoming employed.

Sales Talent Agency has about 39% of every sales person in Canada in their database. They have interviewed a little bit less than 20,000 people since the beginning of 2013 to now. The company operated in a ton of Canadian Cities, as well as over 20 US cities. Sales Talent Agency seems to have a knack for finding great employees to match their client companies’ needs since 90% of the sales people they place stay with the company they were placed in for over a year.

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