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Brandon Leevon Mason A.K.A Saint Brix started his career in 2003 as a hip hop songwriter and MC, writing music for local bands in his hometown, Salisbury, NC. At the age of 18 Brandon Mason had already worked with Company's such as Explore Talent, Rock solid enterprises, Lady Boss ENT and much more. At the age of 19 he decided to take his Career to another level by spreading his music global and local, and Within 6 months he had recorded a demo consisting of 16 tracks, that was written and produced himself out of his in home studio in Salisbury, NC. After sending his demo to record labels, music publishers, agents and managers, He then decided to start his own company, with the knowledge that he had learned throughout his struggle in the music industry. Brandon Leevon Mason A.K.A Saint Brix state's that " I can't say that out of all the hard work and effort that I put towards my music career that it didn't help me as far as an Artists because now I have my own business called SaintBix/publishing/recording ( SPR Entertainment)

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    Phone: 704-680-0767
    311 East Division AvenueSalisbury, North Carolina 28144 United States

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