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1-Senior Technical Representative(Engineer) at Infres Methodex Ltd. Jodhpur
2-State President-Rajasthan Valmiki Swachkar Parishad (Jodhpur)
3-State Executive President-Akhil Bhartiya Safai Mazdoor Sangh-Rajasthan
4-State Executive President-Akhil Bhartiya Yuwa Sangathan
5-District Secretary-District Congress Committee Jodhpur
6-General Secretary -Vanchit Lok Manch Rajasthan
7-Ex-State President R.S.M.Congress (INTUC)-Youth Cell
8-Playback Singer at
9-Belongs to social working Family-My Grand Father and father was a great social worker and known
political leaders in our region, after thier death I am also following them.

1-Singing & Listening Songs, Bhajans, Ghazals
2-Composing Songs, Gazals & Bhajans.
3-Meditation-Plays Harmonium with Omkar Jaap(Chants).
4-Reading Social, Spiritual, Philosophical and Religious literature.
5-Reading Technical and Computer related books magazines.
6-Studying and doing Research (Logically & Scientifically) about Astro-Neumerology
7-Painting, Photo mixing, Audio/Video Mixing and interested to do experiments with music and
8-On weekends I used to visit several temples in our areas or involve myself in social activities.
9-Playing crossword, chess, making friends all over the world.
10-To make myself strong enough by grace of God, to live peacefully on this earth.....

Live n let live, love n let love, believe in God and ourself...True love and faith can be taken from God only......The truth of the life is death and is a middle place of rest in between these two....I want that whenever I die, I should die spiritual death (Samadhi) with peace and having memory of the Almighty's love and care at that time without any worries and should leave behind me , my all family members strong and successful and feel them blessed by God forever..... Om Namh Shivay.....


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