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Robb Murphy has always been a poet at heart, writing lyrics for high school bands and winning writing contests as early as Junior High School, but gave up on his art as an adult, feeling the need to "grow up". Fast forward several years and Robb is now back at writing again. As a bonus, he realized he had an eye for unusual art photography when he wanted to add color to his bathroom and couldn't find a photograph he liked; rather he snapped a picture of his closet full of different colored Converse Chuck Taylor tennis shoes. His "Bathroom Art" is typically colorful, unusual, and caught by accident. He has been commissioned to catch various themed situations on film for collectors in fitness and nutrition, fashion, nature, and business. His clients consult with him on their basic ideas and what they are looking for and Robb works to create a unique and exciting print, sometimes presenting dozens of accidental images until one catches the eye of the client. Robb is a Southern California native and has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. Robb is currently working to promote a collection of "poems and prints" at small galleries throughout the Los Angeles area and is looking for artist representation.


Peanut Butter, Doughnuts, Social Irresponsibility, Playdough

Trying to answer the question....

To shoot or to write?? Decisions Decisions...

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