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Randall Jamal Collins, who goes by the stage name of “RJ Kool,” is a young talent who is prepped and ready to launch his promising career in the arena of recording, writing, and performing R&B and contemporary music. Although he’s just 14 years old, RJ Kool’s vocal abilities are comparative to those of male R&B balladeers twice his age. He defies the myth that the Midwest is not the place where true talent can be discovered, and flourish.

Having grown up listening to, and idolizing musical icons such as the late Michael Jackson, Boys II Men and Jodeci, at age 9 yrs old when he was at his mother’s house, he sang a Boys 2 Men song and brought tears to his family eyes. While still delivering an originality and creativity all of his own, RJ Kool’s musical journey began. His forte is silky and balladry, but he also augments his talents at the microphone with self-taught skills as a writer, singer, composer, that is skillful at both piano and guitar.

He was just ten years old when his impassioned singing began turning heads outside his mother’s modest South suburban home, while at the same time bringing family members inside to tears. He progressed from providing the entertainment at family gatherings, to satisfying crowds throughout the community. And now, he’s well on his way to going national as one of the youngest singer-songwriters in recent memory.

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