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M. S. Sanders is a freelannce writer, poet, performer, actor, artist, promoter and graphic designer. He is a script writer, assistant director, production manager and art director for independent films, commercials and music videos. He is currently a contributing segment and song writer and graphic designer for the internationally syndicated and multiple Emmy and Telly award-winning children's educational program "Aqua Kids." He is also a host, organizer and promoter for literary and multimedia events, a marketing consultant and a social network and electronic media manager and consultant. To date, he has had supporting roles in numerous films, commercials, music videos, short subjects and has done voiceover work for commercials and other projects.

Professionally, I'm a freelance writer, graphic designer, assistant director, production manager, set designer and art director. I have experience in film, television and music videos in all of the aforementioned fields. Artistically, I am a poet, performer, character actor and artist and am looking forward to networking with fellow industry professionals and artists. In addition, I am a literary and multimedia event host, organizer and promoter.

Acting, anthropology, archaeology, art, carpentry, cartooning, drawing, illustration, film, forensics, history, literature, logic, music, mythology, painting, paleontology, philosophy, physics, plays, poetry, psychology, sculpture, short stories, theology.

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    Baltimore, Maryland United States
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  • First Prize - 8th Annual Statewide Poetry Contest - The Baltimore City Paper

  • Individual Artists Grant for Poetry - Maryland State Arts Council

  • Baltimore's Best Poetry 'Zine - "Punchtown Fishwrap" - The Baltimore City Paper

  • Baltimore's Best Poetry Reading - "The Word On Wednesday" - The Baltimore City Paper

  • The B-More Erotic Performance Art Series

    "Mark S. Sanders as Kowboy Kiggaz (see photos 3 & 4 in photo gallery above) wins this week's prestigious and highly coveted, "I Never Thought I'd See The Day When I Wouldn't Cringe At The Sight Of A Weepy Eyed Cowboy But I Reckon There's A First Time For Everythang So Thank You Kindly For Sharin' Your Purty Poetry" award. If I could yodel I would, but I can't so I won't." Story and photos by Philip E. Laubner.Publication: What Weekly
  • Instant Gratification at Gallery 788

    "Kowboy Kigazz takes the show to the people; here we see Kowboy (see photo 27 in photo gallery above) entertaining Alison Chase Radcliffe on the side walk outside of Gallery 788. His work is engaging, exciting and powerful. I had the privledge of following, or trying to follow him, as he made the whole gallery his stage. Kowboy's real name is 'Mark Sanders', a Baltimore native and an award winning writer with over 26 years of experience. Sander's is also a production manager, creative director and a graphic designer with a list of accomplishments too long to list here. He's a great performer so everyone should go see him, or Kowboy, or whatever incarnation he takes!" Story and photo by Philip E. Laubner.Publication: What Weekly
  • M. S. Sanders - Featured Poet - The Moaning Pipe Cabaret

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