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Rick Comeaux is the lead singer of the Houston based duo - Atwood & Comeaux.

Article excerpts from "Houston Voice".

Anyone who was anyone on the Houston nightclub scene in the late 80s and early 90s knew Atwood and Comeaux. The musical duo took the Houston music scene by storm before they went their separate ways in 1998. In 2005 Jerry Atwood and Ricky Comeaux resurrected their musical partnership beginning with a $10,000 fundraiser for the Bering Omega Foundation, In Concert at Ovations Nightclub. Atwood and Comeaux are hardly new to the charity event scene. The list of the organizations that have benefited from the duos involvement with charity fundraisers includes the names of around 175 different organizations, including the End Hunger Network, the Hermann Foundation, the March of Dimes, the Chrons and Colitis Foundation and many AIDS-related causes such as DIFFA and Bering Omega. The duo has performed at the Wortham Center, Jones Hall and the grand opening of the George R. Brown Convention center in 1986.

Atwood and Comeaux have worked with Kenny G, Rich Little, Better Than Ezra, KC and the Sunshine Band and many more. They have performed with and for a huge group of celebrities that includes Brooke Shields, Cloris Leachman and former President and Mrs. Bush, Van Cliburn, Carl Lewis. Looking back at the past 25 years the duo can hardly believe what an amazing ride it has been. According to Rick Comeaux, what is now Atwood and Comeaux started out as a few friends who loved to play music and wanted to get together to jam. As time passed by and other participants in their impromptu jam sessions moved away or began focusing on other things, Atwood and Comeaux began performing as a twosome. Very quickly the group was appearing virtually everywhere.

In addition to the many charity events that the twosome have performed at over the years, they also contributed to Voices for Life, a recording project co-founded by Comeaux. The project, says Comeaux, was a local equivalent of the 'We Are the World' project and featured local groups, celebrities and the Houston Symphony. All together, the proceeds from the album raised just over $100,000 for local AIDS charities. Finally, after 14 years of performing together and raising an amazing amount of money for various charities, Rick Comeaux accepted a position in Reno, Nevada where, for 3 seasons, he served as the Executive Director of The Nevada Opera Association. Atwood continued his work as an electrical engineer and along with his music career.

Comeaux then landed in Los Angeles where he was the Vice-President of the Los Angeles Stage Alliance before returning to Houston in 2004.

Over the years, Atwood and Comeaux's wide variety of music and energetic shows have created a diverse group of fans and loyal followers.

Simply said: an Atwood and Comeaux show has something to please everyone. Even more amazing than their musical skills is their continued willingness to help out with local charity organizations. It has been a fulfilling experience for both to use their musical talents to help raise money for worthy causes in the Houston community.

In addition to his work with Jerry Atwood, Rick also sang many guest solo appearances including 2 special performances of "The Jersey Boys" for Theatre Under the Stars on the main stage of the Hobby Center.

Comeaux also was featured soloist at the Inauguaration Celebration for the Mayor of the City of Houston. ...see the video performance of "You Raise Me Up" here on Lafango !!!!

Recording a few original tunes....!!



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