Reniel Billups


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I am a wife and mother. Born and raised in jamaica. I began cooking at the age of 9. I come from a long line of chefs and restauranteurs. I am the former owner of Reggae Bay Cafe and am currently a personal chef. My professional experience stems from managing small family restaurants to cooking at the USA largest coast guard base for 500-750 people daily.

To obtain my own cooking show that will be veiwed nation wide, that will teach others how to cook gourmet on a budget using ingredients they already have or that is inexpensive to purchase. To publish my own series of cook books and to someday form a foundation that will provide a temporary source of shelter for homeless famillies. providing for the family both physically and spiritually (with an emphasis on keeping the family together and uplifting the spirit of the head of household)

Cooking of Course! I also sing and write songs, musicals and poems. I a passionate about working with the youth and young adults, the elderly and the homeless. I have been instrumental in the formation of many programs that were and are still beneficial for teens aswell as nursing home residents. I also love to crochet. I try to make it my task to make a blanket and hat for each new baby, and a blanket or throw for each senior sorrounding me.

HA HA HA! It has not been that long Trovers. I love and miss being up here things have been really hectic lately. I'll be updating soon.


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