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Reel Jokers is a production company, spawned by the Todd Bruhnsen/Jeff Trammell team. Adding comedy to your mundane lives, we live to make you laugh. We met at Specs Howard School Of Broadcasting and started writing comedic gold, so look forward to our upcoming films/skits.

We're Michigan natives that hope to make everyone laugh with our crazy comedy antics, we're both also aspiring Voice Over Artists which is shown in your Freakazoid Dub as well as Aspiring Comedy writers. We're hard workers and ready to do what we have to do to make sure everyone see's our videos and hope to gain alot of people's attention in doing so.

This is Jeff of Reel Jokers. The brainchild of Jeff and Todd, and we're giving you comedy, hopefully you think its funny and if not, we'll win you over eventually ;) But for now, witness the creation of two Reel Jokers.

This is Todd, the other half of Reel Jokers, laugh or we will find you, i mean it, look out. peace.

To be sucessful comedy writers and Voice Over Actors, and to make the world laugh at us and with us.

Reel Jokers are honored to have been Stage Of The Day.


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