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''My name is Charles E. Shaw, I am the Owner, Founder,Sole Proprieter,Lead Guitarist,Vocalist & Leader of the ''(ELECTRIC GYPSY) BAND,''(Chicago's Own)'' ''(JIMI HENDRIX TRIBUTE) BAND, & The CHICAGO REBELLION BLUES BAND, at ''6- String Dream Recording Studios, & Publishing Enterprise. located in Chicago Ill. ''We are one of Chicago's Hottest New Bands on the Rise from the Chicago Area. ''Our Sound is like ''Jimi Hendrix meets the Blues, with a mixture of Funk,Rock,Smooth Jazz,R&B,& Fusion.''I am influenced by many Great Artist's such as Jimi Hendrix,Miles Davis,George Duke,Carlos Santana,Stanley Clarke, Chick Corea, Funkadelic, Prince , Mahavihnu John McLaughlin Albert King & Stevie Ray Vaughn.''I have Written,Composed, & Produced, over 5 CD's of Original Compositions on which i play all the instruments, and sing all the vocals.#1.Leader of the Rebellion (Blues Rock) #2.As The City Sleeps (Smooth Jazz) #3.Visionary (Fusion) #4. The United States Of The Blues (Blues Rock) # 5. ''Rise of The (Black Rock) Rebellion (Black Rock),''on My Independent Record Label 6-String Dream Records & Studios.''I am a College Graduate, I have an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts & Music,i attained from Kennedy King College in Chicago IL. ''Before forming my own Band, i Toured the USA, and Performed with some of the Most Famous Artists in the (Blues) Industry, Artie (Bluesboy) White (Mallaco Records) KoKo Taylor, B.B.King, Little Milton, Johnny Taylor,just to name a few!'' ''To See Charles E. Shaw & The ''(ELECTRIC GYPSY) Band ''(Chicago's Own!) ''(JIMI HENDRIX TRIBUTE) Band, Perform (LIVE) at the Chicago Blues Festival, Log in to:, just type in my name, Charles E. Shaw (Electric Gypsy) Band,''

My name is Charles E. Shaw,I am the Founder,Owner,Sole Proprieter,Executive Producer,(Lead Guitarist,Vocalist) & Leader of the Chicago Rebellion Blues Band & Six-String Dream Studios Production & Enterprise

Any-thing Guitar & Music related,Performing (LIVE) & Recording,Traveling,Touring, Reading,Live Plays,& Concerts,Museums,Sci-Fi, History,Astronomy,& the Arts

To become a sucessful,famous,& rich,Musician (Guitarist) who"s musical creations inspire others to be positive, & to think positive.


  • To Contact Charles E. Shaw & The Chicago Blu

    Phone: (773) 540-8141
    1117 W.61stMerrilliville, Indiana 46410 United States
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  • Charles E. Shaw & The Chicago Blues Rebellion Band

    Charles E. Shaw (Lead Guitarist & Vocalist) the Multi-talented Artist & Leader of the Chicago Rebellion Band, Performed a Unique & Exciting Blues Experience at the 24th Annual Chicago Blues Festival 2007 in Grant Part (Phenomenal Performance!'')Publication: Charles E. Shaw & The Chicago Rebellion Band (Headlined) at the Chicago Blues Festival 2007 at the CrossRoads Stage at Grant Park Date:

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