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Ransom whose real name is Ransom Whigham Jr. was born in Houston, TX . His love for music started soon after he and his family relocated to New Orleans, LA. After seeing the local high school bands around the city and a New Orleans traditional style of music known as “The Second Line”, he would develop his own drive for music. Not long after returning to Houston, Ransom joined his high school marching band. After graduation he would make the decision to pursue a career in the industry he grew up loving. Ransom’s background and resume is one you probably wouldn’t associate with your typical rap artist. Ransom is also a very accomplished producer and recording engineer graduating from Full Sail University with a degree in Recording Arts as a certified recording engineer in Oct 2004. Since then Ransom has worked in many studios throughout Atlanta and Houston and even managing a studio for a period and recording and producing for artists of various genres of music on both indie and major record labels. When Ransom is not in the studio working on a project of his own or someone else’s he performing and promoting his production/record company Groove Street Muzik. Ransom’s style of hip hop can best be described as a blend of soulful & catchy hooks delivered in his gruff yet laid back voice, combined with an unmatched ability to spit very lyrical stories in a colorful and sarcastic tone. His sound on the mic is crafted around is often self produced productions which is a dynamic clash of dirty south trunk rattling 808s and synth heavy G-funk with the overtone and arrangement of a symphonic score. In an age of cookie-cutter cutout artists and sound alike wannabees Ransom’s sound is truly a unique sound and style unlike any other.


    Phone: 404-389-2110

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