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Born Marcus Antwan Galloway the artist better known as "Publicity", started writing and recording music as a closeted artist at the age of 15 under the persona of "Yager". Growing up, in probably the most closed minded place in the United States, life has not always been a cake walk for this young man. At a young age Publicity started battling with issues with his sexuality and identity. At a young age he accepted the fact that he was gay. Although he comes across confident and sure of himself in his music, it hasn’t always been that way. Homosexuality is so taboo in South Alabama that it’s almost none existing so living out of the closet, was out of the question.

Music has always been his muse of escape when it came to life's obstacles. He embodied the persona of publicity after calling a very popular Atlanta based gay chat line called the "Atlanta Blade". This chat line offered an outlet to converse with people that had like lifestyles as he. The Atlanta Blade was a place that he could showcase his talents as a gay artist without the Scrutinizing opinions of others, while being able to keep his identity a secret. After obtaining much positive criticism and reflection, he started to have thoughts of coming completely out the closet in his music and life. He felt that if he remained a closeted artist, then he would never be able to obtain true happiness, or be true to himself. He figured that his secret would eventually be exposed, so before his secret became a disappointing factor to his future fans, followers and supporters, it would be best to come out now and defuse all future surprises. A lot of people turned their backs on him, now that he’s out, but obstacles are meant to be overcome. So, through him he hopes that people can find strength to be themselves.

His aggressive tone and lyrics will never leave the impression of a gay rapper, but he has no problems with reintegrating his sexuality. When most people think of a gay rapper they immediately think of overtly sexually explicit lyrics and a week lyrical dialect, but Publicity is a powerhouse lyricist with spit fire lyrics and diabolical punch lines that will leave the biggest skeptics stunned and lost for words. He is not a pushover, you push him and he pushes back. He expresses his refusal to being slept on, on his track called “Nothing” Where he challenges homophobics and spits 3 sixteen’s of some of the most memorable lyrics and punch lines you’ll ever hear. He then gets conscience on his heart felt tear jerker track called “Who I Am” that will touch the hearts and capture the minds and souls of all who listens. He is someone that cannot be ignored. If you’re a fan of hip hop then you will instantly become a fan of Publicity, regardless of your sexual orientation.

  • KC Moore (manager)

    Phone: 702-238-8258
    Las Vegas, Nevada United States
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